Markup Sessions Overview

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Markup Sessions Overview

Markup sessions are created using the Newforma Viewer in Project Center or the Newforma Web Viewer on Info Exchange. These tools enable users to quickly mark up project files and send a .PDF of the markup session via email or Info Exchange. You can also use markups to illustrate or resolve an action item or to assemble a reviewer response to a submittal or RFI.

Use the Markup Sessions log to preview and display information about the markup sessions in the current project. External users only see the markup sessions to which they are assigned. Project Center (internal)users can see all markups sessions for the current project.

Getting Started

Use the Newforma Web Viewer in Info Exchange to view and mark up images files from project items on Info Exchange with easy-to-use annotation and drawing tools. Create new markup sessions by marking up supported files in the Newforma Web Viewer. You can also view and edit existing markup sessions.

The Newforma Web Viewer does not alter the original source file. It creates a new markup session using the underlying source file as a background.

Use the Newforma Web Viewer to do the following:

Mark up project PDF and image files.

Pan and zoom project PDF and image files.

Find text in a project PDF and image files, then list and zoom in on the text matches.

Stamp project PDF and image files.


Newforma Web Viewer/Markups Overview

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