Project Team Overview

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Project Team Overview

Use the Project Team log to track the team members for each project.  Project team information is used  in all project items throughout Info Exchange. When you create new items, such as action items, RFIs, submittals, or file transfers, you can choose which team members to assign or send the project items or files to.

Internal vs. external project team members

Both Project Center (internal) users and external project team members can access their project information from anywhere using a web browser to connect to their company’s Info Exchange website.

Note the following differences between internal and external project team members:


  • Internal team members can see everything on Info Exchange and create new project team members and groups.

  • Info Exchange email notifications for internal team members contain hyperlinks to Project Center items that open Project Center to the related item’s activity center.

  • Internal team members receive periodic reminder email notifications for overdue and coming due project items.

  • Internal team members can subscribe to all communication sent by a selected set of external team members. See Subscribing to an external team member for more information.

  • Non-Project Center users can be assigned to a project as an internal user using permission sets, which grants them access to the complete project information on Info Exchange and the ability to create new items, such as new project team members, action items, and daily reports.


  • External team members only see project items on Info Exchange that they are involved with. They do not see the full contract management logs. The visibility of individual project team members on Info Exchange can be controlled by the Member Visibility on Info Exchange setting in the Modify Project Team Member dialog box.

  • Info Exchange notifications for external team members do not contain links to Project Center items. They only have links to Info Exchange URLs. Info Exchange notifications for external team members contain links to the related items on the Info Exchange website.

  • Project Center administrators can enable daily email reminders for non-downloaded transfers, overdue, or coming due items.  

  • See Info Exchange Workflow Examples for External Users for guidelines on how external project team members might use the Info Exchange site.

Visibility on Info Exchange

The Member Visibility on Info Exchange setting in the Add Project Team Member dialog box allows internal project team members to determine which team members get listed in the Project Team log on the Info Exchange website. This is important since some internal members such as partners or administrative staff may want to join the team but not allow external members to see their contact details on Info Exchange. Additionally, there may be external project team members you may want to hide from one another (such as competitors on a bid package you are working on).

Project team groups

Project teams can be further defined into groups. Internal project team members can create groups and combine project team members (such as members of a department) into groups to simplify communication.


The project team member Disciplines field allows you to assign one or more disciplines to individual project team members. This enables both internal and external team members to more effectively communicate with team members on specific topics.