Add Team Members Dialog Box

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Add Team Members Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to find and add contacts to the project team in the Project Team log in Info Exchange.

You must have appropriate permissions to add team members.

First Screen

How Do You Wish to Select Team Members?

Select one of the following options to filter the contacts by name or company.

Select Team Members Directly from the Entire List of Contacts. Use this option to locate an existing contact by filtering on the name of the contact.

First, Select Companies, then Choose Contacts from Those Companies. Use this option to locate an existing contact by filtering on the company name.

Selection Checkbox

Select the checkbox to the left of any contacts you want to add to the project team.

Team Member Type

This column displays an icon that indicates the contact type. Possible contact types are:

Indicates an internal team member.

Indicates an external team member.

Indicates a group.

Indicates a primary internal contact.

Indicates a primary external contact.


The name of the contact as it appears throughout Info Exchange.


The name of the company assigned to the contact.


Discipline assigned to the contact. Multiple disciplines may be selected.


Role assigned to the contact. Multiple roles may be selected.


Department to which the contact is assigned.


Displays information from the Notes tab for the contact.

Add Contact

Select to open the Add Contact dialog box to create a new contact.


Second Screen

Once you select one or more team members and select Next, a second screen appears that allows you to assign project-specific values for the selected team members.

Project Role

Company Role on Project

Displays the role of the team member’s company on the project.

Primary Contact on this Project

Mark this checkbox to make this team member a primary contact for the project.

Each project can have multiple primary contacts.


Select the team member’s role on the project from the drop-down list.

Project Status

Indicates the project’s status as Active or Inactive.

Newforma Info Exchange Options

Allow Web Access to This Project on Your Info Exchange Server

Mark this checkbox to allow the team member access to the project on Info Exchange. When marked, the team member can see this project in the list of projects on Info Exchange.

Member Visibility on Info Exchange

From the drop-down list, select the Info Exchange visibility option to apply to the team members:

Select Visible to All External Project Team Members (Show Name, Company and Email) to allow all external project team members to see the team member on Info Exchange, but only the team member’s name, company and email address.

Select Visible to All External Project Team Members (Show All Information) to allow all external project team members to see all information about the team member on Info Exchange.

Select Visible to Fellow Company Members Only (Show All Information) to allow only external project team members with the same name in the Company Name field to interact with the team member via Info Exchange.

Select Hide from All Other External Project Team Members to prevent external project team members from seeing the team member on Info Exchange.

A hidden team member who is part of a group will not receive file transfers if an external team member picks the group to send a file transfer to.

Permission Set

Select which permission set to assign to the team member. The permission set determines which project items appear on each Info Exchange log for the team member.

Project Team Groups

Add to Selected Project Team Groups

Mark the checkboxes of the project team groups that you want to add the new project team member to.

Project-Specific Custom Fields

Any custom fields assigned to the project appear in this section. Complete the information as needed.

This section only appears when the project includes custom fields.


To access this dialog box

Select Add Team Members from the Project Team log.