Project Team Log

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Project Team Log

Use the Project Team log on Info Exchange to view the members of the project team.

Project Team categories

Use the Project Team drop-down list to filter the names that display in the Project Team log. The categories are as follows:


Displays all the project team members for this project.

Internal Members

Displays project team members who are Project Center users (internal).

External Members

Displays all project team members who have not logged into Project Center (external).

Project administrators may hide team members from all project team member lists.




Select  to modify the project team member or group.

Team Member Type

This column displays an icon that indicates the team member type. Possible team member types are:

Indicates an internal team member.

Indicates an external team member.

Indicates a group.

Indicates a primary internal contact.

Indicates a primary external contact.


The name of the team member or group name.

Select the name of the team member to view their information in the Contact Information dialog box.


Company name assigned to the team member or group.

Select the name of the company to see the Company Information dialog box.

Email Address

The team member’s email address.

Select the email address link to open a new message window in Microsoft Outlook.

Business Phone/Mobile Phone/Home Phone/Business Fax

The team member’s work, mobile, home, and fax numbers.

Address Type

The type of address listed for the contact.


The team member’s address: street, city, state, zip code, and country.

Company Web Site

The URL for the company website.


The department to which the team member is assigned.


The discipline(s) to which the team member is assigned.


Indicates wether the project team member listed is a group or an individual.

Job Title

The team member’s job title.

Mailing Address

The team member’s mailing address.


Details pertaining to the team member.

Office Location

The team member’s office location.


The  team member’s role on the project.

If a column is not visible, you can add it to the Project Team log by selecting the Show/Hide Columns button to access the Field Chooser.


Log Page Tools

The following tools are available in the Project Team log toolbar. For more information, refer to Log Page Tools.

Add Team Members

Select to open the Add Team Members dialog box to add a new contact to the project team.

Add Group

Select to open the Add Project Team Group dialog box to create a new project team group.


To access this log

From the toolbar, select View > Project Information > Project Team.

If the project team log is not available to you, see Make a Project Center Project and Its Activity Centers Available on Info Exchange.