Menu bar

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Menu Bar

Use the Info Exchange menu bar to quickly navigate through the project.

The menu bar includes the following items:

Project Listbox

The project drop-down list displays the projects that you have added to your My Projects page.

My Projects

Click to go to the My Projects page.


Project Center (internal) users can access company and contact information from the Directory drop-down list.

Project Home

Click to go to the Project Home page.


Click to select a project item type to send. The options available are Files, Submittal, RFI and Change Order Proposal.


Use this drop-down menu to access all the logs you have access to in Info Exchange.


This drop-down menu provides access to online Help for the current window, the user guide, the user community and common questions for the current log or page.

Use Info Exchange’s powerful search tool to look for instances of text in all items within the currently selected project.