File Transfer Log

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File Transfers Log       

Use the File Transfers log to view all of the transfers you have access to in the project.

File Transfers categories

Use the File Transfers drop-down list to filter the list of transfers by category. The categories are as follows:

All My Transfers

This category lists all file transfers on Info Exchange that were sent to you.


This category lists all file transfers on Info Exchange that were sent to you but that have not been downloaded.

The Inbox only displays non-expired transfers.


This category lists all file transfers on Info Exchange that you sent.


This category lists all expired file transfers you either received or sent.

Project Center (internal) users see all expired file transfers for the current project.  

When a file transfer expires, the information about the transfer still appears in this log but the contents of the file transfer are removed from the Info Exchange Server. To request that the sender repost the files on Info Exchange, see Request Expired Files.

Categories available to Project Center users

In addition to the categories listed above, Project Center users (internal users) can see the following:

All Project Transfers

This category lists all file transfers on Info Exchange for the current project.

All Open Transfer Requests

This category lists all Requested File Transfers sent for the current project.




The icon displays to the left of file transfers that have not expired. The  icon displays to the left of transfers that have expired.


The subject of the file transfer. Select to open the Transfer page.


The contact who uploaded the file transfer to Info Exchange.

Date Sent

The date the files were transferred to Info Exchange.


The date the file transfer expires from Info Exchange.


The size of the file transfer.


This column indicates who can access the file transfer:

Project Team – All project team members can access the transfer.

Public – Anyone can access the transfer via Project Center or Info Exchange.

Recipients Only – The recipients of the transfer can access it.

Recipient Companies – The recipients and members of their company can access the file transfer.



Downloaded – The files included in the transfer have been downloaded.

Blank – The files have been transferred to the Info Exchange Server, but have not been downloaded.

Additional fields

The following fields can be added to the File Transfers log by selecting the Show/Hide Columns button to access the Field Chooser.

Email Address

The email address for the person sending the file transfer.


Indicates the files transfer category to which the transfer is assigned (for example Inbox, Outbox, Expired).


The contacts to whom the file transfer was sent.


Log Page Tools

The following tools are available in the File Transfers Log toolbar. For more information, refer to Log Page Tools.


Send Files

Click to open the Send a File Transfer page to send a file transfer.


To access this page

From the toolbar, select View > Files and Documents > File Transfers.

If file transfers are not available to you, see Make a Project Center Project and Its Activity Centers Available on Info Exchange.