Transfer page

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Transfer page

Use this page to view the details of a file transfer on Info Exchange and to download the files.

 If you connect to Info Exchange from a tablet (Android or iPad), please refer to the following topic for more information: Access Info Exchange From a Tablet or iPad.



The subject of the file transfer.


The contact who sent the file transfer. Select the link to open the Contact Information dialog box.


The recipients of the file transfer.

Date Sent

The date the file transfer was transferred to Info Exchange.

Expiration Date

The date the file transfer expires and will no longer be available.


Any additional recipients of the transfer.


Files tab

This tab lists the files included in the transfer.

Download All Contents

Select to download all of the files at once. You will have the option of opening the files or saving them.

Download Selected Contents

Mark the checkboxes of the folders or files you want to download, then select this button to download them. You have the option of opening the files or saving them.


The name of the file.


The file type.


The size of the file.

Date Modified

The date the file was last modified.

Send Request

This button appears if the file transfer has expired on Info Exchange. Select to send an email message to the sender to publish it again.


Page Tools

The following tools are available in the File Transfer page toolbar.

File Transfers

Select to return to the File Transfers log.

View <project item> Action

Select to open the corresponding project item’s action page, if applicable. The text on the button changes to match the related project item action page.

Send Similar

Select to open the Send Transfer dialog box and create a new file transfer based on the current file transfer.

Files are not carried over to the new file transfer.

Send Email

Select to open the Send Email page to send an email containing the file transfer’s information as shown to a project team member.

View Form

Select to open a printable version of this page.


To access this page

Select the subject of a file transfer from the File Transfers log.

If file transfers are not available to you, see Make a Project Center Project and Its Activity Centers Available on Info Exchange.