File Transfer Overview

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File Transfer Overview

Project Center supports the exchange of files with external project team members via email, your Newforma Info Exchange Server, or a drag and drop location. You can initiate a file transfer from many different locations within Project Center, including:

Any time you create or receive a file transfer, you can optionally log a transmittal to create a permanent record of the transfer in the Project Transmittals activity center. This also stores a record copy of the transferred files in a .ZIP file. You can view the contents of file transfer record copies in the Record Copies activity center and compare them to the contents of other record copies, document sets, or project folders.

Project Center creates and stores a .PDF file for every outgoing transmittal (which includes outgoing transmittals created from submittals and RFIs). The benefit of this is that an un-editable record copy of what was sent is always available. If a transmittal is modified, Project Center generates a new .PDF file, but keeps the old .PDF file. The .PDF files are stored in the same location that the record copies are stored in.

  • File transfer record copies are stored as compressed .ZIP files in the record copy folder location designated for the project.

  • When you open or compare selected files from a file transfer record copy, Project Center extracts the selected files along with any required external references to a temporary location on your computer, leaving the record copy versions intact.

  • You can log an incoming file transfer as a submittal or RFI and track them in the Submittals activity center or the RFIs activity center.

  • Expiration dates on file transfers uploaded to Info Exchange are not set until the record copy is created in a project folder, which occurs either when the recipient manually receives the transfers in Project Center or when the Project Center Server¬†automatically downloads the file transfers (if the automatic download option is enabled).