Project Center Database Overview

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Project Center Database Overview

Project Center uses a MySQL database to store the following information:

Project Center Servers and their replication peers;




Info Exchange accounts;

My Projects for all contacts;

The list of all projects and where they are mirrored;

Project teams for all projects;

Template styles;

Keyword lists and their definitions;

Custom activity summaries;

Mail server configuration.

Benefits of a centralized database

  • It maintains a single data repository across all Newforma Project Center Servers, making it simple to add, edit, and remove data;

  • It enables you to only have to enter information once;

  • It improves data access performance.

Database features

  • It provides a consolidated location for the items listed above.

  • Contacts have an automatically generated globally unique identifier (GUID) to identify them, but if the contact’s email address already exists in the database, then a duplicate will not be created. However, duplication can occur if contacts are created at roughly the same time on different servers. Replication keeps servers in sync typically within minutes so that the chance for duplication is slim.

For more information, refer to the MySQL documentation at