Bulletins Overview

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Bulletins Overview

AKA Item of Change.

Bulletins are issued when changes occur that affect the project drawings and specifications after the detail design is complete and a contract is awarded for the project. To communicate these changes out to the field, a bulletin is issued (typically by the lead design consultant) with specific information pertaining to the change and distributed to the contractor. Changes to the contract drawings may be a result of:


Owner’s request;

Value engineering;

Recognition of error/omission;

Reviewing agency request;

Changed conditions;

Request for substitution.

The bulletin is issued as one of the following types:

Supplemental Instruction (SI) – document change does not change the contract sum or the contract time;

Proposal Request (PR) – document changes needed or desired, which involve a substantial change to the contract sum or contract time;

Construction Change Directive (CCD) – a written order directing a change in the work and stating a proposed basis for adjusting the contract sum or contract time. Issuance of a CCD orders changes in the work within the general scope of the contract, consisting of additions, deletions, or other revisions. The contract sum and contract time are adjusted accordingly, without invalidating the contract.


Use the Bulletins activity center to:

Enter bulletins into the bulletin log either by:

Creating the bulletins if you originate them;

Logging a received bulletin if it was sent to you;

Manage the bulletin log:

Sort the log by due date, received date, total days, etc.;

Quickly see which bulletins require attention;

Create bulletin reports.

Forward bulletins to project team members or other contacts for input;

Record responses to bulletins;

If you review bulletins, respond to the bulletin author;

Set project standards and create email/form templates to conform to your existing practice;

Receive automatic reminders for bulletin reviews that are nearing their due date;

Send bulletin information to team members at any time during the cycle;

Associate email messages and supporting documents with a bulletin (similar to submittals);

Sort and track bulletins by discipline and keywords.

Bulletins have an Email Log for tracking email messages. Use it to view related email and file email messages sent among team members about the bulletins.

Info Exchange support

Bulletins can be reviewed and sent electronically through email or Info Exchange. Within Info Exchange, external project team members can review bulletins that were forwarded to them for a review and reference supplemental instructions that were sent in the log. Internal project team members can review and track bulletins using the full bulletin log in Info Exchange, enabling them to track the bulletin process via the web from any location.

Project Center users viewing the bulletin log in Info Exchange will see the full log and all associated actions. Users logging into Info Exchange who are not Project Center users will only see the actions on which they are listed. These settings can be changed in the Groups and Info Exchange tab of the Modify Project Team Member dialog box.