Action Items Page

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Action Item Page

This page shows the details of the action item you selected from the Action Items log. External and internal (Project Center) users see the same information unless otherwise noted.

Action Item


The subject of the action item.


The status of the action item.

Percent Complete

The percent complete of the work required for the action item. This value is entered by the user.


The date the action item was assigned to a contact.

Due Date

The date the action item is due.


When a reminder is enabled, this field displays the number of days prior to the due date on which a reminder notification is sent.

If a reminder has not been set, the value in the field is Disabled.

Action Completed

The date the action item was completed.


Any project keywords assigned to the action item.


The ID number of the action item.


The action item type, which is used in numbering.


The action item’s priority.


The disciplines associated with the action item.

Assigned To

The contact(s) the action item is currently assigned to. Select the link to view contact information.

If multiple team members appear in the Assigned To field, the Recipients dialog box opens.


Any other contacts included on the action item.

Assigned By

The contact who assigned the action item.


Discussion tab

This tab lists the actions taken toward resolving the action item.


Select  to open the Discussion dialog box and modify the discussion item.


The date and time the discussion took place.


The author of the discussion item. Select the link to view contact information.


The action taken on the item.


Any details about the item.


Select Add to open the Discussion dialog box and add a discussion item.


Select to delete the discussion item.



Page Tools

The following tools are available in the Action Item page toolbar.

Action Items

Select to return to the Action Items log.

Send Email

Select to open the Send Email page to send an email containing the action item’s information as shown to a project team member.

View Form

Select to open a printable version of this page.


If you have the required permissions, you will see the following additional options:


Select to open the Modify Action Item page to change the contents of the action item.

Add Similar

Select to open the Add Action Item dialog box and create a new action item based on the current action item.

Supporting documents, related items and email are not copied to the new action item.


Select to delete the action item.


To access this page

Select the subject of an action item from the Action Items Log page.

If action items are not available to you, see Make a Project Center Project and its Activity Centers Available on Info Exchange.