New and Improved Features in Newforma Project Center 2024.1

2 minutes
2 months ago

For more information on the highlights of this release see the Release Notes.

To download the file package for upgrading your system, please visit our Package Download page: Package Download.

Included in this release:

Automated Actions for Archiving Projects

To assist in the preparation and cleanup for projects’ migration to Newforma Konekt, we added in some automated actions when a projects’ status in Newforma Project Center is set to ‘Archive’ in bulk:

  • Disable the project from Info Exchange
  • Remove the project from all users’ My Projects list
  • For a M365 Teams project, we perform the following actions:
    • Archive (Microsoft terminology) the project’s linked M365 Team so the Team is archived
    • Archive (Newforma terminology) Team’s chat channels
      • If there are snapshot channels specified, those channels are archived
      • Otherwise, the Team’s default/primary standard channel is archived

Authentication Change for BIM 360 Connectors

Autodesk recently upgraded the authentication used for BIM 360 to a new version, Authentication (OAuth) v2. We reworked the authorization used by our connector to use this new method; no action required!


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