Transmittals Overview

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Transmittals Overview

Use the Project Transmittals activity center to view, track, and log incoming and outgoing transmittalsA transmittal is the informational cover page that accompanies items being transmitted (such as drawings, construction material samples, etc.). It contains information about the items, including who it’s from, to, the purpose, the date, contents, etc. The items being sent are referenced by the transmittal, but the transmittal itself consists only of this cover page. In Project Center, a transmittal consists of the cover page and the file containing its contents.
A transmittal also serves as a part of the project record. When a transmittal is created, it contains a complete description of what is being sent, whether it is physical or electronic, in addition to the other information. Historically, a transmittal is a legal document that is stamped with a professional seal and signed by the sender. The receiver of this document also stamps it with a date stamp to show when it was received and by whom. This physical artifact can be called into legal proceedings when a dispute arises as to whether and when something was sent and/or received.
associated with the electronic or physical exchange of information or materials between project team members. Like the paper-based transmittals that traditionally accompany drawings, specifications, or other types of submissions, transmittals in Project Center provide descriptive information about the items being sent. You can automatically log transmittals from other project items in the Project Transmittals activity center, allowing any member of the internal project team to browse, sort, filter, or search across all project transmittals.

Electronic Transmittals

Any file transfer sent or received via email, Info Exchange, or a drag and drop location can be logged as transmittal. A compressed record copy of the transferred files is stored and linked to the transmittal record in the transmittal log. If a search yields any matches in a transmittal record copy, the transmittal and the transferred file containing the match are listed in the Search Results window. Additionally, the contents of a transmittal can be compared to the contents of other record copies, document sets, or project folders. Transmittals are also generated automatically for contract management items when they are forwarded for review, a review response is received, or a response is sent.

Physical Transmittals

When creating a transmittal for a physical mailing or shipment to external project team members, Project Center creates a Transmittal form as part of the standard workflow that you can also choose to print for record keeping. The appearance and content of the transmittal form can be easily customized to match your company’s transmittal form appearance.

Logging transmittals

You can create and log transmittals for any of the following types of transactions:

  • Physical materials sent or received via mail, courier, overnight, or any transfer method defined for the project.

  • Electronic files that are transferred via Info Exchange.

  • Electronic files that are sent or received via email.

  • Electronic files that are sent or received via a drag and drop method.

Project Center creates and stores a .PDF file for every outgoing transmittal created in Project Center (which includes transmittals created from submittals and RFIs). The benefit of this is that an un-editable record copy of what was sent is always available. If a transmittal is modified, Project Center generates a new .PDF file, but keeps the old .PDF file. The .PDF files are stored in the same location that the record copies are stored in.