Secondary_Tasks panel

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Secondary Tasks Panel

Use the Secondary Tasks panel to perform various tasks on issues in the Document Control activity center. This panel appears when you select a transmittal on the Issue History tab for a record document or record document package. Each task is described here.

Selected Transmittal

Create Similar Issue

Click to open the Send Files and Create an Outgoing Transmittal dialog box with the same information as the selected issue.

If the latest issue is not selected, the Issue Record Documents dialog box opens.

Modify Issue

Click to open the Modify Issue dialog box to make changes to the selected issue.

View Form

Click to open the Transmittal form to view and print the selected issue’s details.

Select in Transmittal Log

Click to view the selected issue in the Project Transmittals activity center.

Delete Issue

Click to delete the selected revision issuance. The revision state of the record document revisions associated with the issuance is set to Draft.