Create Report dialog box

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Create Report dialog box

Use this dialog box to view and create a log report for the current Project Center activity center. The report will display the information as it appears in the activity center. You can send the report in an email message, view it in a Browser, save it to Microsoft Excel or Word, create a .PDF file, or print it.

Report Type tab

Log a Report

Select this option to create a log report using the default Excel report template, which is named standardreport.xlsx. It is located on the Project Center Server machine under Templates\Twelfth Edition.

The template standardreport.xlsx is the default report template shipped with Project Center. However, an administrator can change the default report template used throughout the current project or in individual activity centers in the Select Report Templates dialog box, which is accessed from the Default Excel Report Templates field in the Admin tab of the Edit Project Settings dialog box.

Specialized Report

If this option is available in the activity center you are in, select it to create a log report using a report template customized for the activity center. Like the default template report above, the templates for this option are located on the Project Center Server machine, but each activity center has its own folder under Templates\Twelfth Edition.

Project Center comes with reports specialized for contracts. The specialized reports for contracts are located under Templates\Twelfth Edition\Contracts\Report Templates. You can also create customized report templates for other activity centers, which will then enable this option for those activity centers; the templates will then appear in this drop-down list.

You can also configure Project Center to use customized report templates. See Configure Project Center to Use Specialized Report Templates in Activity Centers for more information.


Enter a title for the report.


Enter the report author’s name. Click the icon to open the Select Report Author dialog box to select the author.


Enter the date the report was created.


Send Report in an Email

Choose this option to open the report in a Microsoft Outlook email message.

If you do not have Microsoft Outlook installed, the email option will not appear.

Display Report in a Browser

Select this option to view the report in your Browser.

Export Report to Microsoft Excel

Select this option to open the report in Microsoft Excel.

If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed, this option will not appear.

    • If you choose the Excel option, you can customize the formatting, fonts, and layouts of reports. Refer to the following document for more information: Customizing Excel Template Reports.docx

    • You can also add formulas to Excel reports. For example, you could enter a Totals field to add up the total number of submittals in a report. See the document above for more information.

Export Report to Microsoft Word

Select this option to open the report in Microsoft Word.

If you do not have Microsoft Word installed, this option will not appear.

Export Report to PDF

Select this option to create and open a .PDF file of the report.

If you do not have a .PDF reader installed, the .PDF option will not appear.

Print Report

Click to send the report to your printer.

When you export to any of the file formats above, Project Center creates an HTML file that can be opened by the application you specified. After you create the report, open it in the application you specified, then save the report file in the native application’s format.

Images included as supporting documents in punch list items are included in punch list reports. When you click Create a Report and choose the Log Report by Assignment or the Log Report by Space options from the Tasks panel of the Punch List activity center, any images attached to the punch lists are included in the reports.

Save Report in Project Folder

The first time you mark this checkbox, the Save dialog box opens, which enables you to select the location in which to save the report file. Whenever you run a subsequent report and the checkbox is marked, the last folder selected for the project will be used for most reports. The report file is normally saved as an HTML file, unless you select Microsoft Word or Excel, in which case it will be saved as a .DOC or .XLS file. You can change the path and name by clicking the icon.


Formatting tab

Use this tab to format the report.

Display Report Details When Available

When you mark this checkbox, the following additional information is included in the report details:

Display Description of Contents When Available

Mark this checkbox to include the information from the Description of Contents tab for contract management items and transmittals in the report.

Truncate Remarks to 255 Characters

Mark this checkbox to truncate remarks from contract management items to 255 characters in the report.

Clear this checkbox to display all remarks from contract management items. For example, the log view for RFIs truncates the question and answer to 255 characters for each field. If this option is de-selected, the full text will be displayed in the report.

Mark this checkbox to display hyperlinks to files in the report.

Show Full Path for Hyperlinks

Mark this checkbox to display full hyperlink paths.

Mark this checkbox to display hyperlinks to related Project Center items.

PDF/Printing Options

Paper Size

Select the paper size to print to from the drop-down list.


Select the file compression setting from the drop-down list.

Show Page Numbering

Mark this checkbox to show the page number on each page.

Shrink to Fit Width

Mark this checkbox to shrink reports with many columns of data down to a size that will fit the width of the page.


Mark this checkbox to print the report in landscape format. The default is portrait.


To access this dialog box

Click Create a Report from the Tasks panel of various activity centers.