Select File dialog box

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Select File dialog box

This dialog box locates and lists files throughout a project that are similar in name or version to the selected or opened file.

In the following example, let’s say  you are searching for files similar to A-EE-S.dwg, as shown below.  In this case, the default Project Center search string for the file you selected is *A-EE-S*.*  Not all the files in the directory will match, but A-EE-S-COURTS.dwg, A-EE-SITE.dwg, A-EE-S-SUPPORT.dwg, A-EE-SUPP_MECH.dwg will, which are underlined below. Also, files from other folders throughout the project that closely match the selected file will be included in the results.

Filter All Columns

You can narrow the search results by applying filters. For example,  Each time you add a filter, the search results are narrowed down to display only the files that meet the filter requirements. Simply choose the filters you want to use. The files that no longer apply are removed from the list. You can keep adding filters until you have a workable list from which you can find the desired file.


Click to toggle between showing and hiding the column filter fields.


Click to clear all filters.




The name of the file.


The file type.


The full path to the file.


The size of the file.

Date Modified

The date the file was last modified.


The file owner’s name.


To access this dialog box

Select a file, then click Compare to > Another Version of this file from the File Tasks panel.