Save dialog box

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Save dialog box

Use this dialog box to select a Project Center project and folder in which to save a file. Select the project from the left column.

Project List

If the Project Center project you want to save the file to does not appear in the this column, click to open the Select a Project dialog box to select the project you want to save the file to.

My Computer

Click to open the Save Outside Project dialog box if you want to save the file to any Windows folder outside of Project Center.


Save In

Select the project folder to save the file in. A list of folders within the project is listed. Select the specific folder from the folders list to save the file to.


Click to open the Create New Folder dialog box to add a new folder under the location listed in the Save In field. The folder will also appear in Windows Explorer.

File Name

Enter the name to save the file as.

Files of Type

From the drop-down list, select the format to save the file as, if applicable.

The Files of Type drop-down list is populated with specific file types, based on the type currently being saved.

Project Center Options

Add to Project Item

Mark this checkbox, then select an item from the drop-down list, or click the icon to open the Select Project Item dialog box to select the project item to which to save the file.

Associate with Project File

This option appears only when you are saving a screen capture in the Newforma Viewer.

Mark this checkbox to designate a drawing as the source file for the screen capture in a markup session.

Select in Project Center After Save

Mark this checkbox to go to the file in the Project Files activity center.


Click to save the file.


To access this dialog box

This dialog box is accessed when saving a file throughout Project Center.