Re-Open Supplemental Instruction dialog box

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5 months ago

Re-Open Supplemental Instruction dialog box

Use this dialog box to re-open a closed supplemental instruction.

Re-Opened By

Click to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to choose the project team member who re-opened the supplemental instruction.


Select the reason for re-opening the supplemental instruction.

Refer to the Forward Supplemental Instruction for Review dialog box for a description of these tabs.


Click to open the Choose Keywords dialog box to apply keywordsIn Project Center, keywords are words you can add to items to use for filtering. When you add keywords, they appear in the Keywords column of the corresponding Project Center activity centers. You can then filter the list of items using the keywords to quickly find the items you are looking for. to the supplemental instruction.

Click to spell check the fields in this dialog box. If any mistakes are found, the Spelling dialog box opens with spelling suggestions.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:

  • Select a closed supplemental instruction, then click Reopen from the Tasks panel of the Supplemental Instructions activity center.

  • Expand a supplemental instruction’s list of actions, then select an action of type Reopened and click Modify Action from the Tasks panel.