Transfer to Info Exchange Options tab

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Transfer to Info Exchange Options Tab

Use this tab to edit the settings for the selected file transfer, including who can access it, reminder settings, and removal, and then transfer it to your Newforma Info Exchange Server.

File Transfer Options

Enable Connected Project Delivery

This option appears only if you are transferring files to a connected company’s project.

Mark this checkbox to enable file delivery to the selected contacts at a connected company.

Delivering to

The name of the connected company.

Specify Who Has Access to the File Transfer on Your Info Exchange Website

Choose who can access this file transfer:

  • Choose Only the Specified Recipients to allow only the members selected in the To and CC fields of the dialog box the transfer originated from to access the file transfer.

  • Choose Specified Recipients and Their Fellow Company Members to allow access only to the recipients and members of their companies (as listed in the Company column of the Project Team activity center).

  • Choose All Project Team Members to allow all recipients and anyone on the project team to access it. If you select this option for a contract management action but the project team member’s name is not on the action, this transfer will appear in the All My Transfers filter view of the Transfers page on Info Exchange.

  • Choose Public Access to allow anyone to access the file transfer by logging on to the Info Exchange website using the anonymous password. This option is available only when the Allow Public File Transfers checkbox is marked in the Edit Project Settings dialog box.

Transfer Expires

Mark this checkbox to set an expiration date for this file transfer to expire and be removed from Info Exchange. Select a number of days before expiration from the dropdown or set a specific expiration date.

Send Reminders

Mark this checkbox and select when to have Info Exchange send an email reminder to yourself or to the file transfer recipients.

Select when you want the reminders sent from the dropdown list or set a specific date.

Select one or both of the reminder options:

To external recipients who have not downloaded files from this Transfer. Mark this checkbox to have Info Exchange send an email reminder to external recipients who have not downloaded this file transfer by the date indicated.

To the sender if any external recipients have not downloaded files from this Transfer. Mark this checkbox to have Info Exchange send the sender a daily email reminder listing the external recipients who have not downloaded this file transfer by the date indicated.

The frequency at which reminders are sent is set in the Notification Reminders section of the General tab of the Project Center Administration Activity Center Servers tab.

Reminders are disabled for file transfers associated with contract management item assignments since there is already a reminder for the contract management item action.

Notify Sender when all of the External Recipients have Downloaded Files from this Transfer

Mark this checkbox to send a notification to the sender when all external recipients have downloaded the files from this transfer

Require Info Exchange Login to Download

Mark this checkbox to require the recipient to login to Info Exchange to download the files. The recipient does not receive a direct download link in the email message.

Allow Recipients to Download Partial Contents

Mark this checkbox to allow the recipients to download the files incrementally instead of all at once.

In order for partial file downloads to work, you must also mark the Require Info Exchange Login to Download checkbox. Without marking both checkboxes, the entire file transfer will be downloaded by default. Info Exchange users must login to the Info Exchange website to be able to partially download file transfers.

The ability to partially download files is only available to users who have an Info Exchange account.

Hide Recipient List

Mark this checkbox if you want to hide the list of recipients on notifications, forms, and Info Exchange, which allows you to send bid documents to multiple bidders without the bidders being able to identify the other recipients. If this option is not checked, then the email notifications and transmittals will contain the To: and CC: contacts.


Click to transfer the files to Newforma Info Exchange. The file transfer is logged in the All Outgoing log of the Info Exchange activity center.


To access this Options tab

This Options tab will be on the Transfer File dialog box whenever you transfer files to Info Exchange from dialog boxes throughout Project Center.

This Options tab will be on the Create Shared Folder and Modify Shared Folder dialog boxes when Next Action > Synchronize Contents is selected.