Choose Contract dialog box

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Choose Contract dialog box

Use this dialog box to link a contract to a contract management item.

Select Item

Select the contract to link to the contract management item from the list, then click OK. Use the drop-down category list to display All contracts, Pending Incoming contracts, Draft contracts, contracts Under Review, Expected, or All Closed contracts.

  Click to toggle between showing contracts for all users or only contracts you are involved with.

Filter All Columns

You can narrow the search results by applying filters. Each time you add a filter, the search results are narrowed down to display only the items that meet the filter requirements. Simply choose the filters you want to use. The items that no longer apply are removed from the list. You can keep adding filters until you have a workable list from which you can find the desired item.

Click    to toggle between showing and hiding the column filter fields.


Click to clear all filters.

Contract columns

For an explanation of the columns in this dialog box, please refer to the Contracts activity center.


To access this dialog box

Click Contract from various contract management dialog boxes throughout Project Center.