Check In Document dialog box

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Check In Document dialog box

Use this dialog box to check in the changes made to a local copy of a checked out EDMS project file.


The name of the file.

Local File

Click the button to locate and select the primary file you want to check in.

Secondary Files

Click the button to open the Secondary Files dialog box to locate and select the secondary files to check in. This field does not apply to Newforma Check-in/Check-out.

Current Version

The file’s current version number.

Newforma Check-in/Check-out: The revision number is automatically generated and cannot be changed.

Other EDMS integrations: Mark the Major Version checkbox to increment the version of the document to the next highest level of a .0 version. For example, if the document is at version 2.1, the version will be incremented to 3.0. If this checkbox is cleared, the version would increase to 2.2.

Mark the Keep Checked Out checkbox to check in the current version of the file, but keep the file checked out for future edits.


Enter any comments for the current version before completing the check-in.


To access this dialog box

Select a checked out file from the Project Files activity center and click EDMS System Tasks > Check In from the File Tasks panel.