Change Path of Project File dialog box

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Change Path of Project File dialog box

Use this dialog box to one of the following, depending on where you accessed it from:

  • Correct the path of a file or record copy with a broken link.

  • Locate a missing external reference fileDrawing files often reference other files, including other drawings, as well as plot styles, images, standards, and font files associated with the drawing. Those references, or dependencies, are simply an embedded record of the path to the referenced objects or files..

Enter the New Path for the Project File or Click Browse

To fix a broken link or locating a missing external reference file, click the icon to open the Open File dialog box to locate the folder the project file was moved to.

Find Matching Files

Click to open the Find Matching File dialog box to locate and list files throughout a project that are similar in name or version to the selected file.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways: