Add a New Location dialog box

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Add a New Location dialog box

Use this dialog box to add a new mailing address for a company.

Location Name

Enter the name of the new location.


Enter the new location’s mailing address.


Enter the name of the city.


Select the location’s state/province.

Zip/Postal Code

Enter the location’s zip code.


Select the location’s country.

Contact Numbers


The main phone number of the location.


The fax number of the location.

Address Type

Click to open the Choose Address Type dialog box to choose the location’s type.


Select whether the company was added Manually or from the Microsoft Exchange Global Address List or another list.

If the source is the Global Address List, the fields in this dialog box are read-only and cannot be edited.


To access this dialog box

Click Create from the Locations section of the Add Company dialog box or the Modify Company dialog box.