How to connect a Project with the Project Connectors

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2 months ago

For the Connector Framework setup, please see the following: Project Connector Framework Setup (

For users of ConstructEx and BIM360, note while the steps below depict the process for connecting projects to Procore, the workflow is the same for all products.

How to connect your projects to Procore

In Project Center, select the project you want to connect to Procore.

Edit Project Settings and select the Admin tab.

Click Configure:

If the button is not enabled, an updated License key with Procore enabled is not installed on the server.

If you have not already created a Newforma API Service Account, a warning appears indicating that the connector will not function properly.

Once the connector portal opens, enter the Connector portal credentials provided by Newforma:

Once logged into the portal, you will be directed to choose which connector type you are utilizing (Procore, ConstructEx, BIM360).

The login page appears for the above selected connector. Log in with the credentials of the user you added to the Procore project during the Connector Framework Article. This is the user who will receive submittals and RFIs in Project Center:

If you are show the Authorization Required page, click Allow to continue.

Once connected, a list of Procore projects the user has access to appears.

Select the project you want to link to your Project Center project.

On the Configure Project Connection page, map the submittal response values between Project Center and Procore. You can modify the mapping later if needed:

Save to connect the project.

Additional Notes

  • Procore allows apps to be enabled at the account level, not just the project level. If a Procore customer enables the Newforma connector on a user’s account, it is enabled for all Procore projects that the user has access to based on Procore’s security. The connector does not bypass Procore’s project security. Newforma customers can only connect to a project if they are on the Procore project team and have access permissions.
  • Note that the connector may require that Procore’s Procure App be installed from the Procore Marketplace. This is dependent on your company’s Procore configuration.
  • Note that you may have issues if your Company Administrator in Procore has configured Procore to prevent users from installing third-party apps. For additional information, please refer to the following knowlege article on the Newforma Customer Community: Warning in the Ryvit Partner Portal: Company <XYZ> does not allow connections from outside applications. Contact Procore support.
  • For RFIs, “Request for Information” with a type = Receive is required in the RFI Action Keyword list.
  • For submittals, “For Review” with a type = Receive is required in the Submittal Action Keyword list.