Find All Versions of a File

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5 months ago

Find All Versions of a File

To find files throughout a project that have a similar name to another file, select the desired file, then click Find > All Versions of This File task from the File Tasks panel. The results will appear in the Search Results window.

The search parameter *filename*.* is used as the basis of the search.

If you are searching email message (.MSG) files, be aware that the subject of the email message is searched, not the filename.


In the following example, let’s say you want to search for files that have a name similar to A-EE-S.dwg, as shown below.  In this case, the default Project Center search string for the file you selected is *A-EE-S*.*  Not all the files in the directory will match, but A-EE-S-COURTS.dwg, A-EE-SITE.dwg, A-EE-S-SUPPORT.dwg, A-EE-SUPP_MECH.dwg will, which are underlined below. Also, files from other folders throughout the project that closely match the selected file will be included in the results.