Add a Connection to Newforma ID

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7 months ago

Add a Connection to Newforma ID

Once you have created a Newforma ID, you can search for companies whose projects you want to view on Info Exchange. Perform the following steps to locate a project. 

To add a new connection:

If you are not already there, navigate to and sign in using your Newforma ID.

In the Search for a Company section of the window, begin typing the name of the company you want to connect to in the Enter the Name of a Company field, as shown here:

If you are already connected to one or more projects but want to connect to additional projects, click Projects in the menu bar, then click the Add Projects button to access the company search.

A lost of companies matching your search criteria is displayed, as shown below. Select the company you want to connect to from the list.

If the company you are seeking is not shown in the search results, verify the name and spelling of the company and try again. If the company you are seeking still does not appear, contact your Newforma administrator.

A message appears informing you that if this is the first time you are accessing the company’s Newforma Info Exchange via Newforma ID, you will be required to enter your Info Exchange login. Click Continue to continue the process.

To log into Info Exchange using Newforma ID

Once you connect to a company, you are directed to their Info Exchange login page to connect your Newforma ID to your Info Exchange account for the company.

In the Sign in to Newforma Info Exchange dialog box, your Newforma ID login will already be present, as shown below:

Enter your Info Exchange Username and Password for the selected company and click Sign In to continue.

You must have Info Exchange credentials for the selected company to continue. If your login is unsuccessful, use your browser’s back button to return to and ensure that you have selected the correct company. If your login is still unsuccessful, contact the person at the company who assigned the project item to you to verify you have permissions to view projects on their company’s Info Exchange site.

For internal users connecting to their own company’s Info Exchange site, the password is the same as their domain password. This password is stored only for the current session in the browser. 

  • Domain\username

Once you are connected, you will see your projects, as shown here, under Projects.  Click on the project you wish to view to access it in Info Exchange. 

The project opens in Info Exchange. You are now logged into Info Exchange with your Newforma ID.