Meeting Actions button

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6 months ago

File in Meeting > Actions

Click File in Meeting > Actions to choose an action to perform on the meeting associated with the selected email itemSupported email items include email messages, tasks, posts, appointment/meetings, contacts, distribution lists, journal items, meeting requests, and reports. .

The Actions menu is only enabled when the selected message has already been filed and has a tagA tag is a text identifier that Project Center appends to an Outlook item’s Subject line to indicate which Project Center project and item the Outlook item is linked to. Do not edit or remove it.

The tag will look similar to the following example: ActionItem:00004:lCSPU appended to it.

Choose View to open the Transmittal form to display the contents and the history of the selected meeting.

Choose Modify to open the Modify Meeting dialog box to edit the meeting.

Choose Select in Project Center to open the Meeting Minutes activity center.

Choose File and Modify to file the Outlook item to the meeting’s Email Log and open the Modify Event dialog box to edit the meeting.

Choose File in Project to open the File in Project dialog box to file the email item to a new project and/or new project item. The email item will not be linked to the original meeting.